What should I bring to my first class?

If your first class is a reformer class then we would recommend to bring a pair of grip socks, water bottle and towel. If you don't have a pair of grip socks then just regular socks will be fine as we provide a grip mat that you are able to use. We also have grip socks that you can purchase in the studio !

If your first class is a Bootcamp or circuit style class then we recommend you to wear sneakers to the class as well as bringing a water bottle and towel !

How do I purchase Class Packs through your website?

To purchase any of our class pack to book in for our classes here at Control you will want to download what's called a Mindbody app from you phones app store. Once you've downloaded the app you will be able to search for Control in the search bar and once clicked you'll be able to view our homepage and also our timetable.  To purchase our class packs you have to go ahead and press 'book' and then you'll be given the options for our pricing and packs available. The other option to purchase class packs is to click here to be taken to our Timetable page on our website where you can book in for classes and also purchase the class packs. 

Do I need to come early to my first class ?

When attending your first class we ask that you come 5-10 minutes before hand just so you have enough time fill out some paperwork ! This also gives us some time to show you through to the reformer room and give you some info about the reformer and equipment.